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Visit by U.S. Central Command Representative to Review Border Security Installations
July 7, 2021

Media Notice
For Immediate Release
July 06, 2021

A representative from the United States Central Command, in coordination with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, is conducting a visit to review security upgrades to border security systems installed at Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) land and maritime border regiments.  The two-week visit, which concludes on July 9, includes engagements with regimental commanders and the head of the LAF Navy to ensure the communications and surveillance systems integrate successfully into the operational framework at LAF headquarters.

This visit is part of ongoing U.S. assistance to the LAF, which has totaled over $2 billion since 2010, and supplements LAF investments in training, equipment and resources for its staff.  In June 2021, the United States provided $59 million as a reimbursement to the LAF for security expenses incurred in 2018, which is an addition to existing foreign military funding.  The United States has also committed to provide $120 million in foreign military financing in 2021 to support LAF operations and capacities, an increase in $15 million over last year’s support, demonstrating the ongoing U.S. commitment to Lebanon’s security and stability.