USAID Supports the North Lebanon Water Establishment with $2.8 Million Infrastructure Works to Improve Water Services in Koura

Building on its long-term assistance to the water sector, the United States government through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is supporting the North Lebanon Water Establishment with water infrastructure works valued at $2.8 million in the Caza of Koura.  The works, implemented by the USAID-funded Lebanon Water Project (LWP), include the redesign and rehabilitation of the Jradeh Pumping Station that serves several northern villages, including the supply and installation of a chlorination system.  LWP will also be working towards the construction of a reservoir and a water distribution network, as well as the supply and installation of water meters.

Through this project, over 40,000 people in five villages – Afsadiq, Batroumine, Deddeh, Fiaa, and Qalhat – and the towns of Chekka and Anfeh will enjoy a more reliable water supply and improved water quality.  Moreover, the North Lebanon Water Establishment will benefit from significant savings on electricity expenditures because the Jradeh Pumping Station will be equipped with the latest, most efficient pumps.

Since 2010, USAID has invested nearly $6 million to upgrade water infrastructure networks to benefit the people of North Lebanon.  Projects  included construction/rehabilitation of water lines, installation of nine new water pumps across the North, benefiting 270,000 people, many in disadvantaged areas, and provision of back-up generators for the pump stations to enhance the reliability of water supply.  USAID also invested nearly $5 million from 2012-2015 in the Koura area, completely replacing and renewing the Deddeh water supply networks and constructing the new Deddeh elevated reservoir.

The Lebanon Water Project is a $65 million intervention to improve water demand management and promote efficient water use in Lebanon.  These include infrastructure works to improve water networks; institutional development with the North Lebanon Water Establishment; and partnerships with the private sector and various communities to improve water management.