The United States Continues Military Deliveries to the Lebanese Army

Over the last week the United States has delivered ammunition, grenade launchers, and Bradley Fighting Vehicles valued at more than $11.7 million to the Lebanese Armed Forces.  On February 1, the LAF received two hundred MK-19 Automatic Grenade Launchers.  On February 3, the United States delivered eight new Bradley Fighting Vehicles to the LAF, part of a package valued at more than $100 million.  Today, the United States delivered 827 Copperhead artillery rounds to the Lebanese Armed Forces.  Valued at more than $1.4 million, this ammunition replenishes LAF stockpiles used to defeat ISIS in Operation Fajr al Jouroud.

The United States remains committed to a secure, stable, democratic, and prosperous Lebanon.  With U.S.-provided weapons, equipment, and training, the LAF continues to develop combat capabilities that will ensure that the LAF remain a nationally unifying force, a bulwark against extremism and terrorism, and the only legitimate defender of Lebanon.