United States Announces $90 million QITABI 2 Program To Improve Student Education

Launching Ceremony of QITABI 2 Program

Ambassador Elizabeth Richard and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission Director Dr. Anne Patterson announced a new $90 million program to support learning outcomes for vulnerable students.  Minister of Education Akram Chehayeb attended the launch of QITABI 2 (Quality Instruction towards Access and Basic Education Improvement) which follows onto USAID’s current QITABI initiative ending in December 2019.  QITABI 2, will improve student-learning results in reading and writing, and will help the Government of Lebanon deliver quality national-level education.

Over the next five years, QITABI 2 support for Arabic reading and numeracy studies in all public schools in Lebanon will expand to include improvements in the instruction of other languages. USAID will provide educational materials and equipment to support the program and develop ways to engage families in their children’s learning.

The program will also provide technical and administrative support to Lebanon’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education and Center for Educational Research and Development to improve national service delivery and modernize the national curriculum.  QITABI 2 will continue its close partnership with both institutions to institutionalize and sustain USAID-funded educational reforms, and is part of USAID’s strategy for Lebanon’s basic education sector through increased access to education, improved student learning, and strengthened educational management systems.

Since 2007, the U.S. government has provided nearly $5 billion dollars in assistance to Lebanon including more than $1.9 billion dollars in humanitarian assistance.  The U.S. provides support to Lebanese communities for essential services for residents, such as potable water, sanitation, healthcare, and education.