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UNICEF and U.S. Embassy Beirut deliver 97 tons of urgently needed
medical supplies for the Lebanese health sector
November 16, 2021


UNICEF, through funding from the U.S. Government, has delivered 97 tons of lifesaving medical supplies, valued at over one million U.S. dollars, to the Ministry of Public Health in response to severe shortages of supplies and medicines affecting health facilities across Lebanon.

The humanitarian shipment arrived this morning to the Beirut international airport through a UNICEF charter flight. The shipment included essential drugs, oral rehydration salts and antibiotics, medical and surgical supplies, and nutritional commodities. These supplies will support access to healthcare for around one million children and women through five public hospitals and 166 primary healthcare centres and border vaccination centres for over one year.

As part of UNICEF’s response to the multiple crises affecting Lebanon, the medical supplies were handed over at the airport and then directly moved to a UNICEF warehouse where the shipment was received by U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy C. Shea, Minister of Public Health Dr. Firas Abiad, and UNICEF Representative in Lebanon Yukie Mokuo.

“The U.S. Government is proud to support UNICEF’s efforts to deliver lifesaving medical supplies to address the most urgent needs of Lebanon’s health sector. This is one of several efforts we are undertaking with trusted partners to help the Lebanese people,” U.S. Ambassador Dorothy C. Shea said.

The Lebanese minister of public health, Dr. Firas Abiad said: “Amidst the difficult circumstances Lebanon is going through, the support of UNICEF and the international community continues to play an important role in alleviating the ongoing hardships”.

“The life-saving medical items delivered today will support children and vulnerable families through the healthcare sector across Lebanon during these critical times. UNICEF is putting every effort to support families caught up in this unprecedented crisis that is putting children’s health and wellbeing at risk,” said Yukie Mokuo, UNICEF’s Representative in Lebanon. “It is thanks to donors like the United States Government that we are able to provide humanitarian assistance in support of children and families affected by this terrible crisis”.

In the coming weeks, UNICEF will deliver the supplies directly to healthcare facilities as part of its redoubled efforts to support families caught up in this unprecedented crisis that sent the national currency into freefall, prices soaring and families struggling to afford even the most basic items. UNICEF has enhanced its social assistance, is providing emergency support to avoid the collapse of the public water services and is supporting thousands of children to ensure their access to education, healthcare and child protection services. Yet, the needs are massive, and UNICEF needs more support to reach more vulnerable children.