U.S. Government Top Donor in Support of Lebanon for 2018

The United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator, Mr. Philippe Lazzarini released the latest report of donor nation contributions to development and humanitarian work in Lebanon.  The United States government was the top donor for the year 2018, and invested $494,293,328 dollars in critical water and sanitation infrastructure, creating opportunities for Lebanese citizens, agriculture, and businesses, assisting host communities and meeting the basic needs of vulnerable refugees and Lebanese, improving schools and providing scholarships for students, and building the capacity of Lebanese primary health clinics, hospitals and municipalities.

Since 2007, the United States has provided over $4.8 billion in total combined assistance to Lebanon, including more than $1.7 billion in military assistance and more than $3.1 billion in development and humanitarian assistance.

Check out the report on un.org.lb.