Emergency Contact Information for U.S. Citizens

Contact Information – American Citizen Services Unit

Embassy Mainline:    04-542600/543600                                (Ask for American Citizen Services Section)
ACS Section Fax: 04-544209
ACS E-mail:  BeirutACS@state.gov
Embassy Website: https://lb.usembassy.gov/

The U.S. Embassy is located in Awkar facing the municipality.

The Embassy can assist in finding medical help, contacting family members in the U.S. and transferring emergency funds, visiting American Citizens in jail, contacting an attorney, and making arrangements in the event an American citizen dies.

To assist in emergencies, the American Embassy maintains lists of lawyersphysicians and hospitals. While the Embassy assumes no responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the persons on these lists, considerable care has been exercised in their preparation.

Change to Extra Visa Pages Service

  • After December 31, 2015, there will be no more extra visa pages added to U.S. passports.
  • Instead, 52-page passport books will be issued at no extra cost to U.S. citizens applying from outside the United States.
  • Renew your passport early to make sure you have enough blank pages for visa stamps from other countries. Some require two blank pages for entry and exit.
  • See travel.state.gov for more information on entry, exit, and foreign visa requirements.

General Information

The U.S. Embassy advises U.S. citizens in Lebanon to enroll with Smart Traveler Enrollment Program so that in the event of an emergency, the embassy is able to contact those enrolled.

Emergency Contact Information

In the event of an emergency, American citizens may phone the Embassy at any time at 961-4-543600 and ask to speak to the American Citizen Services Section (during business hours) or the duty officer (after hours or weekends).

American Citizen Services Section Hours of Operation

Passport and Notarial services: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8:00 – 11:00 (By appointment through Embassy website)

Consular Reports of Birth Abroad (CRBA): Wednesdays 8:00 – 11:00 (By appointment Only)

Federal Benefit – Check Collection Only: Tuesdays and Thursdays 14:00 – 16:00