President Obama’s Message to Prime Minister Salam On the Occasion of Lebanon’s Independence Day

On the occasion of the Lebanon’s Independence Day, U.S. President Barack Obama sent Prime Minister Tammam Salam the following message:

Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

Please accept my sincere congratulations, as well as those of the American people, to you and the people of Lebanon on the anniversary of Lebanon’s Independence.

November 22 was the day when all Lebanese leaders stood unified to create a democratic, prosperous, and sovereign country.

I also wish to extend my deepest condolences to you and the Lebanese people for the bombings that occurred on November 12 in Beirut.  This horrific attack highlights the critical challenges you face and why the United States will continue to support Lebanon’s state security institutions. The United States has long supported Lebanon in its quest to achieve full sovereignty, security, and independence.  Our countries’ close ties are never more apparent than when Lebanon is in need, as it is now, due to the spillover effects from the Syria conflict.  We are committed to Lebanon’s stability, as demonstrated by our unwavering support and assistance to the Lebanese Armed Forces and Internal Security Forces, as well as our ongoing humanitarian and development assistance.  It is with regret, however, that I note this is the second consecutive National Independence Day without an elected President of the Lebanese Republic.  For the sake of Lebanon’s stability and security, now is the time for Lebanese leaders to act in the national interest and elect a president.

I am continually impressed by the Lebanese people’s ability to overcome the challenges and adversity they face.  We are proud to be your partner in addressing Lebanon’s security, humanitarian, and development challenges, and we will remain by your side in these endeavors.


Barack Obama