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New Embassy Beirut Compound


Main Campus Access Pavilion and the Chancery
Main Campus Access Pavilion and the Chancery

The United States is building a new Embassy in Lebanon.  In May 2015, we announced the plans for the construction of a new American Embassy in Lebanon.

The multi-building compound will be located in the suburb of Awkar, adjacent to the current Embassy, on a 43-acre site.   The compound will provide a safe, secure, sustainable, and modern platform that supports U.S. Embassy staff in representing the U.S. Government to Lebanon and in conducting day-to-day diplomacy.

The New Beirut Embassy Compound, is under the care of the Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO) who have a dedicated team based in Beirut with Morphosis Architects of Culver City, California, as the architect for the project, and B.L. Harbert International of Birmingham, Alabama as the construction contractor.

At the groundbreaking ceremony in April 2017, Ambassador Elizabeth Richard said: “Breaking ground today on our New Embassy Compound is a strong message to the Lebanese people that we are with you for the long term.  We intend to continue the spirit of cooperation and partnership that has defined our journey together for 200 years.”

Images of the new Embassy Beirut compound design concept are available below.

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New Beirut Embassy Images

Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Embassy Compound