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Message for U.S. Citizens: October 18, 2023
October 18, 2023

Due to the unpredictable security situation in Lebanon, the Department of State has authorized the voluntary departure of family members of U.S. government personnel and some non-emergency personnel on a case-by-case basis from U.S. Embassy Beirut. This does not impact the operations of U.S. Embassy Beirut, which remains fully open for business. We have updated our Travel Advisory to Level 4: Do Not Travel – the full text of the Travel Advisory may be found here: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/International-Travel-Country-Information-Pages/Lebanon.html

The Department of State urges U.S. citizens not to travel to Lebanon. We recommend that U.S. citizens in Lebanon make appropriate arrangements to leave the country; commercial options currently remain available. We recommend that U.S. citizens who choose not to depart prepare contingency plans for emergency situations.

Actions To Take:

  • Have plans to depart that do not rely on the U.S. government.
  • Ensure you and your family have your travel documents in order and are prepared to travel.
  • Review your personal security plans.
  • Keep your cell phone charged in case of emergency.
  • Exercise caution, monitor the news closely for breaking developments that could affect internal security, and factor updated information into your travel plans and activities.
  • Have a contingency plan for emergencies and review the Traveler’s Checklist


U.S. Embassy in Beirut – Lebanon

Awkar – Facing the Municipality

Main Street Beirut, Lebanon

961-4- 543 600


State Department – Consular Affairs

1-833-890-9595 (toll free) and 606-641-0131 (local)

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