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Remarks by Ambassador Dorothy C. Shea at the Lokman Slim Memorial Service
February 11, 2021

As delivered 

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Monika and other family members of the late Lokman Slim, and friends of loved ones of Lokman:  I expressed my condolences publicly last week.  Today, I am honored to be with you  — his family and his loved ones — to convey in person my deepest sympathy.  You were robbed.  We all were robbed of a great man.   

This was a barbaric act, unforgivable and unacceptable.  Today, I mourn with you and our Embassy which I represent – my Embassy family joins me in mourning with you.  

But let us also celebrate some of the characteristics that made Lokman who he was:  he was tireless and relentless in his pursuit to reconcile Lebanon’s people and to promote freedom and inclusion.  

These efforts cannot and will not be suppressed through fear or violence, because they are what is right.   

So, like him, let us not be deterred.     

We will push for what is just.  We will join you in demanding accountability for this horrific crime.    

And we will do our best to carry on his legacy, including by continuing our partnership with the organizations he helped found.  We are proud of these partnerships.    

We will hold Lokman’s memory with us as we move forward to advance his vision.  

And as we do so, we pray that his soul may rest in peace.  And that those of you who loved him will find some consolation in his legacy.    

Li Ruhihi As-Salam.  Thank you. Shukran.

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