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Embassy Beirut Exchange Programs

The U.S. Embassy in Beirut offers a wide variety of academic and exchange programs for students and professionals. The below list provides additional information on each program with the expected opening date for currently closed programs. If you have additional questions, you are welcome to send an email to

Currently open programs are found here.

Programs for high school students

Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange & Study (YES)
The YES program provides scholarships for high school students (ages 15-17 years) to spend up to one academic year in the United States. Students live with host families, attend high school, engage in activities to learn about American society and values, acquire leadership skills, and educate Americans about their countries and cultures. Approximately 900 students travel to the United States each year. Competition opens in October.

International Writing Program Between the Lines
Young writers come to the University of Iowa for a two-week program full of creative writing study and cultural interaction. Competition opens in January.

TechGirls aims to inspire girls from the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia to pursue higher education and careers in technology through hands-on skills development. Competition opens in November.

Programs for current university students

Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (Global UGRAD)
The Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (also known as the Global UGRAD Program) provides one semester scholarships to outstanding undergraduate students from around the world for non-degree full-time study combined with community service, professional development and cultural enrichment. Competition opens in November.

Study of the U.S. Institutes for Student Leaders
Study of the United States Institutes for Student Leaders are five-to-six-week academic programs for foreign undergraduate leaders. Competition opens in November.

USAID Higher Education Scholarship Program (HES)
USAID Lebanon’s Higher Education Scholarship Program provides full undergraduate scholarships to meritorious but economically challenged students from Lebanon’s 26 districts to study at the American University of Beirut (AUB) and the Lebanese American University (LAU). The scholarship covers tuition fees, housing or transportation expenses, medical insurance, textbooks, laptop, and a monthly stipend to students. As part of this scholarship, students not only acquire a quality education, leadership and critical thinking skills, but also engage in community service and volunteering initiatives. Since 2010, more than 1,300 students have so far benefited from the program. More information about the program can be found on AUB’s and LAU’s pages. Competition opens in January.

Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI)-Student Leaders program
The Student Leaders program offers outstanding undergraduates from across the MENA region an intensive leadership training course of approximately 5 weeks in the United States. The program emphasizes lessons in participatory governance and the application of leadership skills. The call for the next competition cycle is to be determined by the U.S. Department of State’s Middle East Partnership Initiative.   

Programs for graduate students & professionals

Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program
The Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program provides grants to approximately 850 foreign scholars from over 100 countries to conduct post-doctoral research at U.S. institutions from an academic semester to a full academic year. Competition opens in September. 

Fulbright Foreign Student Program
The Fulbright Foreign Student Program enables graduate students, young professionals, and artists to research and pursue graduate study in the United States for up to two years at U.S. universities. Competition opens in February.

Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA)
The Fulbright FLTA Program provides young teachers of English as a Foreign Language the opportunity to refine their teaching skills and broaden their knowledge of American cultures and customs while strengthening the instruction of foreign languages at colleges and universities in the United States. Competition opens in June.

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program
The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program provides 10 months of professional enrichment and non-degree graduate-level study in the United States for accomplished mid-level professionals from designated countries. Competition opens in May.

OneBeat is an international music exchange that celebrates musical collaboration and social engagement through innovative people-to-people diplomacy. Competition opens in November.

Empowering women leaders in the technology field by bringing together women in Northern California with their counterparts in the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa, and sub-Saharan Africa for a professional mentorship and exchange program at leading technology companies. Competition opens in January.

International Writing Program Fall Residency
Writers gather in Iowa City for this 10-week residency to work on personal creative writing projects, to give readings and lectures, and to interact with American audiences and literary communities across the U.S. Competition opens in March.

Professional Fellows Program
The Professional Fellows Program brings emerging leaders in the fields of legislative process and governance; civic engagement; NGO management; economic empowerment and entrepreneurship; and journalism from around the world to the United States for intensive fellowships designed to broaden their professional expertise. Competition opens in January.

Study of the U.S. Institutes for Scholars
Study of the U.S. Institutes for Scholars are designed to strengthen curricula and improve the quality of teaching about the United States in academic institutions overseas. Competition opens in December.

Study of the U.S. Institutes for Secondary Educations 
Open to secondary school educators including teachers, administrators, teacher trainers, curriculum developers, textbook writers, and Ministry of Education officials who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of U.S. society, education, and culture. The five-week program provides content and materials to develop high school level curricula about the United States and/or American values.   Competition opens in November.

Community Solutions
The Community Solutions Program (CSP) is a professional development program for the best and brightest community leaders, from over 90 countries, to confront common problems across the areas of environmental issues, tolerance and conflict resolution, transparency and accountability, and women and gender issues through four-month fellowships with community-based not-for-profit, public and government offices across the United States. Competition opens in October.

Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) – Leadership Development Fellowship (LDF) program
Emerging civic engagement and social entrepreneurship leaders across sectors from the MENA region will participate in a 5-stage, 12-month LDF Fellowship to identify innovative ways to address social and economic challenges in local communities.  The call for the next competition cycle is to be determined by the U.S. Department of State’s Middle East Partnership Initiative.   

Fortune - U.S. State Department Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership
The Fortune - U.S. Department of State Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership connects talented, emerging women leaders from all over the world with members of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Leaders for a three-week-long program. Competition opens in October.

Note: The competition in our programs is merit-based and candidates from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Applicants will be considered without regard to race, religion, sex, age, and/or physical impairment. For more information on the U.S. Government’s Department of State Exchanges, please visit: