Cultural Programs

The Cultural Office of the Public Affairs Section in Beirut has been working closely, for decades, with Lebanon’s cultural organizations and individuals to build and increase mutual understanding through supporting art and cultural projects, exchanges as well as heritage preservation.

We believe in the strong ties between our two peoples and the importance of maintaining bridges through creative approaches, allowing to build platforms for conflict resolution as well as opening a communication with the general public and the youth in particular, to get familiar with the American culture and way of living.

Cultural Exchanges: Public Affairs Section in Beirut supports a variety of cultural exchange programs that further U.S. foreign policy, foster America’s artistic excellence and promote mutual understanding and respect for other cultures and traditions. The Art and Cultural exchanges programs aim to create a sustainable dialogue between the American and Lebanese Culture. We have opportunities for artist residencies in the United States open for various art fields. Programs may include but are not limited to: Film, Music, Theater, Photography, Crafts, Paintings, Arts management.

Cultural Funding Opportunities: Public Diplomacy Beirut works intensively to ensure mutual understanding and values the importance of reaching out to all communities, therefore Public Diplomacy Beirut has opportunities open to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), Foundations and individuals seeking for funding to create and implement programs that tackle social issues such as but not limited to: Women and Youth Empowerment, outreach to the disabled community, outreach to marginalized communities, through various art mediums: Photography, theater, music, films, design, crafts and paintings.
If you believe that you have an interesting art / cultural project send your concept notes to  and we will connect with you.

U.S. Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP): The AFCP supports the preservation of cultural sites, cultural objects, and forms of traditional cultural expression in more than 100 developing countries around the world. Cultural heritage endures as a reminder of the contributions and historical experiences of humanity. By taking a leading role in efforts to preserve cultural heritage, the U.S. shows its respect for other cultures. AFCP-supported projects include the restoration of ancient and historic buildings, assessment and conservation of rare manuscripts and museum collections, preservation and protection of important archaeological sites, and the documentation of vanishing traditional craft techniques and indigenous languages. Since 2003 till date, Lebanon has seen around 17 projects funded through the AFCP.

Museums, Ministry of Culture, and other qualified Non-Governmental organizations are welcome to apply during the AFCP call for proposals, held annually in December/January.

For the latest AFCP announcements, please click here.

Cultural Visitors Program: Cultural Visitors programs are designed by Public Affairs Section in Beirut in various art fields to provide support to cultural institutions in Lebanon. Public Affairs Section in Beirut would host art experts through specific programs that permit to share American expertise with Lebanese cultural institutions. These programs tackle the following art mediums but are not limited to: theater, dance, hip-hop, music, film, photography, crafts, textiles, video art, painting, murals, sculpture, animation, multimedia design, culinary arts, Native American arts, intellectual property protection, literature, architecture, humanities, cultural heritage preservation, conservation, museum administration, arts management and other arts related genres