Deputy Chief of Mission Attends Beirut Art Film Festival Opening Ceremony

Tonight, Deputy Chief of Mission Danny Hall took part in the opening ceremony of the Beirut Art Film Festival (BAFF) that will screen eight American art documentaries, in the presence of the Lebanese Minister of Culture, Raymond Araiji.  The festival will also screen three short documentaries, sponsored by U.S. Embassy Beirut, entitled “Zyara” (Visit), directed and produced by Lebanese filmmakers Denise Jabbour and Muriel Aboulrouss, that explore the lives and work of artists with disabilities. BAFF wilL screen the documentaries at the Metropolis Sofil, Achrafieh and also in seven universities across Lebanon, as well as in cultural centers and theaters in Tripoli, Saida, Tyre and Nabatiyeh, from November 8-20, 2016.

Speakers at the event included the American Deputy Chief of Mission, British Ambassador H.E. Hugo Shorter, the Spanish Ambassador Milagros Hernando, the Swiss Ambassador François Barras, and BAFF Director and President Mrs. Alice Mogabgab.

In his remarks, Mr. Hall invited guests to attend the eight American films about ions such as the art patron Peggy Guggenheim; pop artist Andy Warhol, street artists Jean-Michel Basquiat, legendary actor Marlon Brando; as well as a documentary on the American Ballet Theater.

The U.S government has sponsored cultural and sports programs in all regions of Lebanon with two million dollars of support in 2016, and five million dollars of support for educational exchanges.