DCM White Remarks TWE Program Graduation Ceremony

DCM White at 2018 Teaching Women English graduation ceremony

Thank you very much Ms. Yaghi.  Welcome everyone.  I am pleased to be here today to celebrate two very important milestones: your graduation from an intensive 6 month course of English, and the tenth anniversary of the TWE program.  Your completion of these English language courses—along with the cultural and community service activities, and exchanges with your colleagues around Lebanon—symbolizes your dedication to teamwork and to developing your communities.  This is what TWE is all about and this why the U.S. Embassy has supported this program year after year.

TWE is a reflection of the U.S. Embassy’s commitment to Lebanon and to the Lebanese people.  It’s a reflection of the unwavering friendship between our two countries and our pledge to make our communities—and the world—a better place through active citizenship, education, and community service.

Over the past decade, the U.S. Embassy and USPEaK Association have worked together to improve the TWE program by extending it throughout Lebanon, and by developing a curriculum that is specific to Lebanon and better serves Lebanese and Arab women alike who are eager to improve their English language skills.  We understand that learning English isn’t just a personal endeavor.  The language skills you acquire will help you develop key social and professional skills and networks that can have a huge impact on your families and your communities.

In closing, I’d like to extend a special thanks to all of the teachers and host municipalities and organizations who have supported this program.  Your dedication and support enabled us to serve 36 different communities this year.  I would especially like to acknowledge the work of Ms. Yaghi and her team at USPEaK for an outstanding year of TWE.  This is a complex program and your outstanding leadership and hard work have made TWE a success and a model for others.  Finally, thank you to our graduates for being an example of how dedication and hard work moves mountains!  Congratulations, and thank you.