Celebrating U.S.-Lebanon Partnership

Left to right: Mr. Abbas Tlais, Colonel Joseph Moussallem, Brigadier General Said Fawaz, Brigadier General Ahmad Hajjar, Brigadier General Mohamad El Ayyoubi, Ambassador Richard, Major General Imad Osman, Dr. Khalil Gebara, INL Director Diana Brown, Brigadier General Naim Chammas
group of men standing, two women in the center
Left to right: Judge Raif Ramadan, Major General Ibrahim Basbous, INL Director Diana Brown, Ambassador Elizabeth Richard, Brigadier General Mohamad El Ayyoubi, General Hussein Khachfe

Ambassador Elizabeth Richard with Internal Security Forces (ISF) officials and Lebanese justice officials on August 2.  The United States values its strong partnership with the ISF and the Lebanese judiciary, and looks forward to continued collaboration on security and the rule of law.