America Delivers $25 million in Weapons and Ammunition to the Lebanese Army

Today American Ambassador David Hale presided over the delivery of $25 million in assistance to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) via the M/V Advantage vessel at the Beirut Port. Ambassador Hale was accompanied by Brigadier General Manuel Kerejian, Director of the LAF Logistics Brigade.

Below are Ambassador Hale’s remarks from the event.

Today’s shipment, from the generosity of the American people, is valued at over $25 million. It includes 70 M198 howitzers and almost 26 million rounds of ammunition and artillery of various shapes and sizes, including heavy artillery.

Lebanon is now the 5th largest recipient in the world of U.S. military foreign assistance. Over $100 million last year, and over $1 billion in the last 8 years.

This is top of the line equipment, the best that is on the market. It is what our soldiers use, and we’re proud to know that very soon, your brave soldiers will be using it too, along with other U.S.-supplied equipment, to defeat the terrorist and extremist threat from Syria.

We are fighting the same enemy, so our support for you has been swift and continuous. I am confident that, with the right equipment, Lebanon’s soldiers can defend Lebanon successfully.

And the equipment we are providing is exactly with the army leadership has asked for, and exactly what the army needs.