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Ambassador Shea’s Remarks on the 39th Anniversary of the Embassy Bombing
April 18, 2022

Remarks by Ambassador Dorothy Shea
As delivered on April 18, 2022

Today is a solemn anniversary for us, as we remember the terrible attack that took 52 lives on April 18th, 1983. And in September of the following year – just over there – we lost 23 more lives. These attacks were not against the United States alone; victims included Americans, locally employed Lebanese staff, as well as Lebanese Internal Security Forces officials. For this reason, today we stand united – as we have for every year since 1983 – honoring those who lost their lives, both Americans and Lebanese, and in renewing our commitment to peace and security in Lebanon.

While many years have passed, we will never forget our fallen colleagues. The United States has maintained its resolve to pursue justice for the victims. We are pushing back against the negative influences of terrorist organizations like Hizballah, which continues to seek to drive a wedge between us. But we are not daunted. We will continue to promote the bonds between our countries and peoples, particularly in these difficult times, as we try to help the Lebanese people emerge from the current economic crisis so that they can enjoy a brighter future.

If there is a silver lining to today’s commemoration, it is in having the opportunity to see all of you in person. We haven’t been able to do that for the last two years because of COVID. But today, let us remember this moment with those who survived the attacks or lost loved ones. Being together here with you strengthens my resolve and warms my heart.

Thank you for joining us and being part of our family.