Ambassador Richard’s Remarks Signing Ceremony between Loubnaniyoun and Ministry of Public Health

Ambassador Richard at Signing Ceremony between Loubnaniyoun and Ministry of Public Health

Your Excellency Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health Hasbani; distinguished guests.  It is my sincere pleasure to join you today to witness the signing of this groundbreaking initiative between the Ministry of Public Health and the NGO Loubnaniyoun.

We are here to launch the “Citizens’ Rights” project.  This initiative aims to improve citizens’ access to health services and strengthen the public’s trust and confidence in their public health institutions.

The Ministry of Health, under the leadership of Minister Hasbani, is at the forefront of e-governance.    The Ministry’s National e-Health Program is an innovative new approach to improving the quality of healthcare in Lebanon and increasing access to cutting edge healthcare information for every Lebanese citizen, no matter where in the country they live.

As this initiative develops, including through new e-government applications for medications, hospitalizations, consultations, and more, the Ministry of Public Health will be better positioned to respond to the needs of all Lebanese.

The U.S. Government is supporting this effort through the Loubnaniyoun organization.  They will create a mobile application to enable citizens to access, apply for, and receive approvals for over 100 essential public health services.

This is an important and ambitious endeavor.  Thousands of requests for medical services will be handled swiftly and fairly, thanks to this application. The end product will be an app that provides accessible and transparent on-line services to Lebanese citizens.

Loubnaniyoun will work with the Ministry’s staff through the development, operation, launch, and promotion phases of the initiative.  They will also pay particular attention to ensuring that remote or underprivileged communities can access the application.  Upon the project’s completion, Loubnaniyoun will hand over the application to the Ministry, which will ensure the sustainability of these new operations and services.

It is wonderful to see the public sector partnering with dynamic and innovative NGOs.   The strength of the NGO community in Lebanon comes from the desire of ordinary citizens to get involved and to make their country a better place.

It is truly inspiring to see that the Minister of Public Health and his team are so open, engaged, and eager to work on this initiative.  Together they are creating new and effective ways to tackle the essential issue of effective health care delivery.

Thank you.   I am looking forward to seeing the product.