Ambassador Richard Visits USAID Projects in North Lebanon

Ambassador Elizabeth Richard visited two USAID-funded projects in North Lebanon on October 24 to see first-hand how USAID is helping Lebanese communities create jobs and deliver services for their residents.

She visited olive orchards in Bchannine to see how farmers are using mechanical olive harvesters introduced by the USAID-funded Lebanon Industry Value Chain Initiative (LIVCD) project to dramatically increase output, while reducing labor costs. She also visited Willani SARL’s olive oil production center to see a modernized olive oil pressing, bottling, and labeling operation that services over 300 farmers in the area. These processing improvements are giving Lebanese olive oil producers better access to international markets.

In Kfaryachite, Ambassador Richard visited a solar power back-up electricity generation activity supported by the USAID-funded “Building Alliance for Local Advancement, Development, and Initiative” (BALADI) project. As municipalities struggle with the reality of inadequate basic services on a national level, USAID is supporting their efforts to find innovative solutions on the local level that help provide for their residents.