Ambassador Richard Attends Beirut Art Film Festival Opening Ceremony

On November 20, U.S. Ambassador Elizabeth H. Richard took part in the opening ceremony of the Beirut Art Film Festival (BAFF). U.S. Embassy Beirut is supporting the screenings of six documentaries, each highlighting different aspects of U.S. culture. Screenings will occur at the Metropolis Cinema Sofil, Achrafieh and in universities, schools, and institutions across Lebanon. The opening night featured the U.S. Embassy-supported world premiere of “Josephine Baker,” (2018, 52’, by Ilana Navaro).

Ambassador Richard emphasized the importance of supporting cultural and educational initiatives and the Embassy’s commitment to continuing to support similar initiatives throughout Lebanon. Ambassador Richard invited the guests to attend the Embassy-supported screenings of six art documentaries, including:

  • “Josephine Baker,” (2018, 52’, Ilana Navaro)
  • “Sally Mann, Collodion and Angel of Uncertainty,” (2018, 10’, NGA Washington)
  • “Citizen Loewy, Design of the American Dream” (2017, 52’, J. de Missolz,)
  • “Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes” (2018, 86’, Sophie Huber,)
  • “The Voice of Hagia Sophia,” (2018, 25’, Stanford University)
  • “Lady Liberty,” (2014, 52’, Mark Daniels)

Speakers at the event included Swiss Ambassador Monika Schmutz Kirgöz and President and BAFF Director, Mrs. Alice Mogabgab.