Ambassador Hale’s Meeting with Kataeb President Sami Gemayel

Today, American Ambassador David Hale met with head of the Kataeb Party Sami Gemayel at the party’s headquarters in Saifi to discuss the political situation in Lebanon.  The Ambassador delivered the following remarks after his meeting.




Well, this is my first official visit to the Kateab party headquarters since the election of Sheikh Sami as the President of the party.  So this is an occasion for me to express my warm congratulations and my deep respect not just for Sheikh Sami, but for his father, and for his family who have played such a distinguished role in Lebanon, and for this party, a party that is a pillar of stability and of the values that so many Lebanese share: the values of freedom, of independence for this country, and of sovereignty for Lebanon.  These are values that the United States very much supports, which is why we have had such a strong partnership between us and the Kataeb party for so many years now.

We discussed a number of issues facing Lebanon.  I think it’s important to emphasize that the Kataeb party is, of course, playing a very crucial role in finding solutions to the many issues – political, security and socio-economic – that face Lebanon today.  I am very encouraged as well by Sheikh Sami’s efforts to involve the young generation in public life, which is so crucial for the vitality of any political process for any country and for any party.  So, as always, I am very encouraged by my visit today.  And I wish everyone at the Kataeb party great success under its new leader Sheikh Sami.  Thank you.