Ambassador Dorothy C. Shea Inaugurates American Corner Tripoli

On November 15, Ambassador Dorothy C. Shea attended the inauguration of American Corner Tripoli in partnership with Safadi Foundation. This American Space at the Safadi Foundation Center will empower youth, women, and professionals through capacity building, cultural, and educational programs.

During the event, Ambassador Shea remarked that the American Corner in Tripoli will provide skills-building tools and training to individuals who represent the future of this country and who have the desire to make a difference in their communities. Beneficiaries will participate in a wide array of programming ranging from media literacy and civic engagement to economic sustainment, entrepreneurship, and employability skills.

Ambassador Shea continued saying, “We want to see Lebanon prosper, and initiatives like the American Corner in Tripoli offer the knowledge and skills necessary for the people of North Lebanon to bolster their economies, support those in need, and impact their communities.”